Contnet Offers Array of Mobile Billing Solutions

MUNICH — Contnet AG, a leading German provider of mobile billing, is offering what it describes as "a full-service portfolio of payment and technical solutions."

"(Their) new IVR technology makes it now possible for customers to cancel their service automatically with the help of the MSISDN identification via using the hotline without any assistance from the service team," a spokesperson for the Munich-based company said. "This guarantees a short wait time for customers as well as quick and efficient support solutions. Nevertheless, the client constantly has the chance to contact a member of the service team."

Contnet is offering WAP billing and Web billing along with premium SMS.

"Our WAP billing enables easily charged amounts invoiced via the mobile network operator account of your end customer for services provided with all carriers in Germany — just with a few clicks," a Contnet representative said. "Payment is confirmed by the end customer via a simple click on his mobile device."

According to Contnet, their Web billing gateway "can be utilized to either clear digital or mobile content or services. There is no registration, no intermediate steps, no password or abbreviated number. Web billing allows flexibility for substantial invoicing, as individual orders ranging from €0.01 to €30 may be cleared."

Contnet said, "With premium SMS, it is easy to grant access to payable mobile content such as ringtones, logos, games or access codes for community portals with hardly any effort."

Contnet, describing their support solutions, said, "Just co-order a 0800 number with no costs involved for the calling party. This call number enables you to centrally administer all subscriptions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The cancellation of a subscription amounts to approximately €2.20 on an average, whilst with the all-in-one solution by mobile billing, you remain below €0.20. You save more than 90 percent of incurring costs."

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