'SDR Show' Host Ralph Sutton Pens Article for SocialUnderground.com

NEW YORK — Ralph Sutton, who often interviews adult stars as a host of the podcast "The SDR Show," has penned a new article for SocialUnderground.com titled "How to Survive a Threesome With Your Relationship Intact." A spokesperson for Sutton described the piece as "a how-to guide to having your greatest fantasy come true, without having to seek a divorce lawyer soon after."

In a section of the article titled "She's the Ringmaster," Sutton suggests letting the woman dictate the terms of a threesome.

"You let her dictate what's happening," Sutton said. "You let them be with each other. In fact, the first time you have a threesome, you might not even do anything but kiss the other girl — and maybe not even that."

Sutton said, "And while we are on the subject of kissing, you should kiss your girlfriend more romantically than you ever have. Don't be upset if you don't even get to touch the new girl's boobies. It's all OK. You're putting in the man-hours; you're building the rapport. You're getting her used to the idea that it's totally fine for another girl to be there. So what was my reply in the last step? I said, 'Only if you want me to.' And I did."

To read "How to Survive a Threesome With Your Relationship Intact," visit this link.

The SDR Show launched in May 2014, showcasing what a Sutton spokesperson described as "the best and brightest in music, adult entertainment, and pop culture." Adult stars who have been interviewed on "The SDR Show" include Natasha Starr, Rebel Lynn, Chloe Amour and Jayden Lee, among others.

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