Zuzana Designs Revamps Flagship Site, Offers Discount

LOS ANGELES — Zuzana Designs are revamping their flagship website ZuzanaDesigns.com with a fresh look and a new interface. And from now through Jul. 14, the adult design studio is promoting the resdesign by offering a 25 percent discount on design work.  

"The original site I created for ZuzanaDesigns.com did so well that I developed a sense of loyalty to it," said Sarah, founder and president of Zuzana Designs. "But as time wore on, it began to look dated and out of step with what modern clients expect to see from a design studio. So I invested in a complete redesign as part of this launch. It's easy to feel nostalgic about a site design that has worked over the years, but refreshing the look and feel of your brand is crucial to attracting new customers and keeping your revenue streams strong. That's why I'm offering a discount to help others move forward as well."

The 25 percent discount, a spokesperson said, "covers all custom designs, premade template work, maintenance and services as long as the order for new work is approved by Jul. 14, 2016. That makes now the perfect time to build out your banner library, add new tours to your network, provide tools for your affiliates or refresh your existing brands to create new momentum with their audiences."

Sarah said, "Check out the new site at ZuzanaDesigns.com. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. When you are ready to go over your own brands or want to start building new ones, just message me via the site or Skype any time. It's important to keep your sites fresh, and it's easier than ever to do it right now while saving a quarter of the expense and still getting 100 percent of the value."

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