Megan Rain Makes Her WankzVR Debut With 'Breakfast in Bed'

Megan Rain Makes Her WankzVR Debut With 'Breakfast in Bed'
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has announced the recent completion of a virtual reality porn shoot with Megan Rain.

According to the company, Rain’s scene, entitled “Breakfast in Bed,” allows viewers to have an intimate “girlfriend experience” with the popular porn star, and focuses on close-ups, kissing, immersive sexual positions and more.

Fans and reviewers are reportedly impressed with the results, with calling it a “home run from Wankz VR,” which it rated a 10 out of 10.

“WankzVR is on a roll, you can get on the train now, or let it pass you by,” states. “There is no doubt, WankzVR are filming some of the most compelling, visceral VR Porn in the month of June 2016 and this movie is one of these examples.”

Jack from WankzVR says that the company’s development team strongly feels that VR porn is truly the revolutionary innovation that the adult industry sorely needs, and that it has undoubtedly struck a chord with consumers.

“Being involved with a new technology, a new medium, one that we absolutely believe will catch on and become a lasting viable form of adult entertainment, has been nothing short of amazing for us,” Jack explains. “It’s easy to think that this will be just be a momentary fad, but once you put the VR goggles on and actually experience it, it definitely has a ‘wow’ factor that’s undeniable.”

Jack says that this experience is more sensory driven and allows the consumer intimate access to their favorite starlets in a way that couldn’t be simulated or realistically reproduced before.

“That’s what keeps us creatively motivated, along with the fact that we are part of the few on the forefront of the VR movement. The freedom to explore and experiment and uncover new ways to create and stimulate. Evolving and setting the bar higher each time,” Jack says. “These are the things we look forward to with each new WankzVR scene. Oh, and hooking up consumers with the dirtiest, hottest virtual fuck of their lives from some of the finest women in our industry. Yeah, that's a good feeling as well.”

WankzVR also released a new scene today starring Karlee Grey, entitled “Swipe Right.”