Black Rayne Productions Announces Online Store

ATLANTA — Gay studio Black Rayne Productions has announced the availability of their online store

Black Rayne Productions, based in Atlanta, is known for DVD releases and gay sites that include and features the company's DVDs as well as sex toys and pleasure products.

A spokesperson for Black Rayne Productions said, "Black Rayne Direct is committed to providing the latest and greatest in adult tangible items. Each month, new products will be introduced for your browsing and buying pleasure. This is the place for high-quality films and unique toys. Fans will be able to purchase DVD's from a vast catalog of featured films."

Black Rayne Productions said of, "Purchasing will become so easy and user-friendly by driving home stellar customer service, secured direct pay and fast shipping for all merchandise. 

For more information on Black Rayne Productions, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter