Entrenue Introduces 'Intimate Earth' Rebrand

Entrenue Introduces 'Intimate Earth' Rebrand
Alex Henderson

PHOENIX — Entrenue is now officially stocking the new line of sensual body products by Intimate Earth, a modernized rebrand of Intimate Organics. The collection features many of the same glides, serums and oils that were featured in Intimate Organics.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix-based Entrenue said that Intimate Earth features Sweet Almond Massage Oil and "new, visually stunning packaging inspired by elements in nature. These thoughtful updates have poised the new Intimate Earth to be a market leader and perfect fit for stores catering to the sexual wellness market."

Entrenue President Joe Casella said, "The Intimate Earth rebrand was done with impeccable taste. The new packaging is gorgeous, and its simplified selection evokes a true spa-quality experience. We've had the pleasure of enjoying a longstanding relationship with this company, and we're so pleased with what they've done. Intimate Organics was a strong seller for us, and we are confident that the new Intimate Earth will remain a popular name in the body-care category."

A matching shelf display will be available with minimum order in mid-summer.