Hustler Editorial Director Bruce David Passes Away

Hustler Editorial Director Bruce David Passes Away
Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Hustler's former Editorial Director Bruce David has passed away at the age of 75.

Theresa Flynt, daughter of Hustler founder Larry Flynt, reported David’s passing on Facebook. Theresa formerly served as Hustler Hollywood Chief Marketing Officer. In her online tribute, Flynt wrote:

“My heart is broken, as we have lost a Hustler family member, Bruce David. Bruce’s contribution to Hustler over the past 40 years added to the DNA of the magazine. He was the essence of what Hustler stands for, he was the catalyst in the obscure subjects that contributed to our editorial edge, always thinking of the strange, outside of the box thoughts, sexual, worldly, environmental, sci fi and political concerns with no fear. Many people feared him as he was crass, direct with crazy ways, yet at the same time, he was respected, admired and loved.

“He was tall, dark, handsome, sexy, odd, strange, smart, suspicious, loyal, creative…. he was a friend, employee and like an uncle to me, he was a father, a husband and deeply a good person. He loved my father and cared deeply and passionately about our magazine, which is the foundation for which the brand is today. Bruce is a legend and I cry as I write this. He will always be appreciated and missed. This is a consensus by those who knew him. How lovely to leave a profound mark on a piece of history and in the hearts of those who really knew him.”

In a statement Larry Flynt recounted how David came to join Hustler magazine.

“Bruce was working for Screw and wrote a review of the very first issue of Hustler back in 1974. He said, ‘The new men’s upstart, Hustler, has just nudged out Refrigerator Monthly as the most boring publication in America.’ So I called him up. I told him, ‘I love your review. And I agree with you, by the way. Why don’t you come to Columbus and help us out.’ He worked for Larry Flynt Publications for nearly four decades. He was stubborn, arrogant…very creative. He was Bruce.”

Paul Cambria, longtime counsel for Larry Flynt, said, "Bruce had much to do with the face of Hustler. He was always pushing the envelope and pushing me to open up the legal advice. He helped Larry knock down a lot of censorship barriers."

Erotic photographer Suze Randoll told XBIZ, “We went way back from the beginning of Hustler. Bruce was always there. He was straight up. He said what he thought. So many people changed the way they thought because of him. He was really one-of-a-kind, he was very funny and a really good guy. I’ll miss him terribly.”

According to a Facebook post by David’s son Taylor David, Bruce David passed away on the afternoon of June 17 after an extended battle with septic shock.

In his post, which was accompanied by photo of Bruce David interviewing author and poet Charles Bukowski in the late 70s, Taylor said:

“It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my father, Bruce David. He passed peacefully yesterday afternoon with my brother and I at his side after an extended battle with septic shock. My father was certainly the greatest man I've ever known and I will miss him dearly. Although I am beyond devastated by this loss, I find comfort in the fact that he lived a rich and fruitful life. He was a brilliant artist, writer, publisher and journalist — a man of many talents. He made his mark on the world as editor-in-chief of Hustler Magazine, publishing consequential investigative pieces and political commentary that championed the working class and First Amendment, pushing the boundaries far beyond the scope of your typical sex magazine. As a screenwriter, he made people laugh, adding his wit to shows like ‘Family Ties’ and ‘Alf,’ among others. His achievements in life were abundant and I am terribly saddened he has gone. Please feel free to celebrate his life in whatever way you can.”