Rebel Lynn Lands Cover of 'Slutty Times at Innocent High 10'

LOS ANGELES — Rebel Lynn is featured on the cover of the new Innocent High release, "Slutty Times at Innocent High 10," now available on DVD.

Lynn said, "I'm a high school 'good girl gone bad' when I get slutty and act on my hot-for-teacher impulses. It was a lot of fun. The whole power dynamic is very hot: who's seducing who? Am I being taken advantage of, or is this what I've really wanted the whole time? You decide." 

Describing the plot, a spokesperson for Lynn said, "Rebel Lynn is going to France and asks her teacher to teach her some French. He agrees, but soon, she asks to learn how to talk dirty in the romantic language. He's hesitant at first, but soon, he isn't able to resist her tight body."

"Slutty Times at Innocent High 10" also features Alaina Dawson, Elsa Dream, Iggy Amor, and Molly Manson. 

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