Vendo Corrects Miami Billing Panel Error

LOS ANGELES — Payment processor Vendo, which participated on the billing panel at the recent XBIZ Miami conference, is seeking to clarify a question posed by the panel’s moderator during the session.

During the panel, the moderator attempted to highlight Vendo’s innovative use of data and artificial intelligence to offer dynamic pricing as part of its suite of IPSP billing services — but instead misstated that Vendo shares data, which it does not according to the company.

As to the misunderstanding, Kenny, the panel moderator, intended to ask the question, “What do you think of how Vendo uses data to help their partners?” but instead asked, “What do you think of Vendo sharing data to help their partners?”

“It was a long panel. We were 15 minutes over the cut-off and I was rushing to finish,” said Kenny. “The wrong word accidentally slipped in there at the end. It was an honest mistake, and I’m happy to clarify it for everyone who attended the seminar.”

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