Secret Dare Launches Truth or Dare Game For Online Daters

NEW YORK — Secret Dare has launched an online Truth or Dare game for potential adult dating matches.

Secret Dare said that real-life adult dating, after daters have met online, "can turn out not to be as expected." And Secret Dare said that its goal is to give potential daters more information before a date takes place.

"We see that it works to have more interaction online, before a date," said John Clarkson, vice president of Secret Dare. "You build trust."

Secret Dare said that in their Truth or Dare game, daters "challenge each other" and "need to upload a picture. Other members then review the pictures without knowing it is you to make sure you both held up your part of the deal."

Clarkson said, "Our site is there for people with all kinds of desires and fantasies. Yes, this also means extravagant ideas, but more importantly, also small things. It is often the small things which are more personal and more difficult to share, especially online. We also advise our members to start slow and simple, and build up the game gradually."

For more information about the game, visit this link.

Clarkson said, "We already have video chat, and now, the Truth or Dare game. We are planning to introduce an instruction game during video chat in the near future, with levels that you can reach."

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