Tim von Swine Receives XRCO Nominations

LOS ANGELES — Tim von Swine is nominated for Best Director: Non- Features in the X-Rated Critics Organization's XRCO Awards, to be held Wed., Jun. 22 at the Ohm Nightclub in Hollywood. 

"There are a lot of dudes who shoot smut," von Swine said. "There are a lot of really talented guys who do this and never see their names on this list. To have the men and women who critique porn for a living appreciate my work enough to consider me for this award is a great honor."

Von Swine's "POV Pervert" series has received an XRCO nomination for Best POV Series, which is the sixth consecutive time XRCO has nominated the series in that category.  

"I know we always say that it's great to be nominated," von Swine said. "And believe me, it is. But I won't lie: winning is pretty damn sweet. Mike (John) and I have put a lot of our blood, sweat and other juices into this line, and we are proud of it. Last year, we got one for the thumb, as they say. But I have a whole other hand to fill up, not to mention another appendage to hang hardware off of."

In addition to his work with the "POV Pervert" series, von Swine heads the members-based streaming site Swiney's Pro-Am, currently available through C4Slive.com.

"I just try and keep it really simple on set," von Swine said. "While other people are adding all kinds of whistles and bells to their stuff, I am just shooting the kind of stuff I love (and) would want to jerk off to: hot girls, POV angles and great sex."

A representative for von Swine described Swiney's Pro-Am as part of a "growing new genre of chubbold porn" and said, "This new strain of smut is doing for men what the increased acceptance of BBW porn has done for women of all sizes."

"We are finding that the fans really relate to what we're doing," von Swine said. "Whether it's the real sexuality that the women bring or the non-threatening nature of watching real dudes bang on camera, we have found an audience. I just want to keep doing what I do."

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