Sheri's Ranch Welcomes EDC Attendees With Vacation Package

LAS VEGAS — The legal brothel Sheri's Ranch is offering a special sex vacation package for those attending the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), a dance music event scheduled for Jun. 17-19 in Las Vegas. 

Sheri's Ranch is located 60 miles outside Las Vegas in Pahrump, Nev. Since 2001, Sheri's Ranch has been owned by former Chicago homicide detective Chuck Lee.

Aaron Shah, marketing director for Sheri's Ranch, said, "The brothel put together a vacation package just for EDC fans. If you are planning to go to Las Vegas for EDC, the experience is not complete without an all-in-Sin-City-experience where sex is served with steak and lobster at a brothel VIP bungalow."

Shah said that the vacation packages at Sheri's Ranch combine the services of a brothel with elements of a high-end vacation resort.

According to a Sheri's Ranch spokesperson, their vacation packages "were created to entice the sexually adventurous men, women and couples looking for the ultimate fantasy experience, complete with themed roleplay rooms, a nuru massage room, bubble bath and hot tub party rooms, a BDSM dungeon, and so much more."

Shah said, "Waking up at a brothel and having pancakes and blow-job in bed is a good way to start the day before you prepare for EDC. Before or after a long day at the festival, our guests can relax in our swimming pool/jacuzzi, dine at our restaurant/bar and unwind on our 20-acre property." 

The sex resort's multi-tiered packages include complimentary luxury car service, a room at the hotel, dinner and champagne with courtesans of the client's choice, and a voucher towards a negotiated sex party.

For more information on Sheri's Ranch, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.