Rick's Cabaret N.Y. Celebrating Father's Day

NEW YORK — Father's Day is this Sun., Jun. 19, and to promote the event, one of the dancers in the Manhattan gentlemen's club, Avaya, recently posed for some photos wearing a traditional Father's Day gift: a necktie.

"I want to make a public service announcement," Avaya said. "Remember to buy your daddy a gift. Father's Day is coming up."

The photos of Avaya were taken on Rick's Cabaret's Roof Deck Cigar Lounge.

"I hope my photos will help remind you to be good to your daddy," Avaya said. "You should buy him a tie, and if you really want to make him happy, tell him that Rick's Cabaret New York is at 50 W. 33rd Street."

Ricks' Cabaret New York is located in Mid-Town Manhattan across the street from the Empire State Building and only a block from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.

A spokesperson for Rick's Cabaret said, "Rick's Cabaret New York is well known for its beautiful exotic dancers, luxurious setting, warm hospitality and gourmet restaurant under the direction of acclaimed chef Franklin Edwards. It is the club of choice for Wall Street bankers and brokers, numerous celebrities, and pro athletes from all the major sports."

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