XBIZ Miami 2016 Draws Record Attendance, Glowing Reviews

XBIZ Miami 2016 Draws Record Attendance, Glowing Reviews
XBIZ Staff

LOS ANGELES — Offering the widest variety of opportunities for executive networking, education and entertainment to date, last week’s XBIZ Miami conference drew record attendance, providing something for everyone and raising the bar for future summer events.

XBIZ Miami was hosted at the SLS Hotel on world-famous South Beach and held in conjunction with CamCon, uniting the industry’s best and brightest players for a collaborative event series that completely took over the swanky beachside venue from May 31 through June 3.

The feedback we received from this year’s XBIZ Miami attendees was glowing. Here are some enthusiastic reports on the show:

“XBIZ Miami was well organized and highly productive. The synergy with CamCon worked very well for us and we were very pleased with how well the two integrated. Everything was really top notch: our booth, the seminars, all the events. It couldn’t have been done any better.”

—  Gunner from CAM4

“XBIZ Miami and WIA was a huge success. It was an absolute pleasure to mingle with strong industry women and industry peers. We loved our sponsorship, location, and hotel.”

— Shirley Lara from Chaturbate

"Our NETbilling staff who attended XBIZ Miami was very pleased with the quality of the show, hotel, seminars, and the networking gatherings throughout the show! This industry thrives on excellent events such as XBIZ Miami and XBIZ did a wonderful job putting it all together. We are looking forward to being a premier sponsor at the upcoming XBIZ Berlin show in Europe."

—  NETbilling’s Mitch Farber

“It was a well-done show, where “everything really looked and felt good.”

—  ReviveAds’ Mark Bauman

“XBIZ Miami was a great event. As always the Miami show did not disappoint. With loads of networking opportunities and tons of fun in the sun, the show was a great success.”

—  OrbitalPay’s  Karen Campbell

“This year’s Miami event was the best XBIZ show in years!”

—  Humboldt Merchant Services' Adam McDonald  

“The fact the show was at this amazing hotel and parallel to the CamCon show just made it even better The atmosphere was highly business oriented with many decision makers around, but still all at the unique Miami pace. One additional aspect of the show was the fully packed seminars [throughout] the whole show schedule. I can say that XBIZ Miami was one of the best shows for us this year, and well organized by the XBIZ team, as always.”

—  ImLive’s Shay Efron

“I really enjoyed myself and it was a very well organized show. You guys really did a wonderful job.”

—  Affil4You’s Joey Gabra. 

“It’s wonderful to see familiar faces and make some new friends. The show is always a great place to do business.”

—  Matt from Mobius Payments  

“XBIZ Miami keeps getting better. The atmosphere and vibe was so relaxed and chill it made it seem like I was just hanging out with friends at a resort in the Caribbean. The layout made it really convenient for conducting business and for enjoying the SLS Hotel, compared to other shows where it sometimes feels too separated.”

—  Adult AdWorld’s Daniel Rand

“We definitely enjoyed the show. We believe one of the best decisions was coordinating with CamCon.”

—  Cherry Pimps’ Jack Avalanche

“The show was interesting and our models did a very good job.”

—  Traffic Stars CEO Geoffrey Bonnechère

"XBIZ Miami was great this year!  Our clients who opted to sponsor got tremendous value not only because XBIZ delivered on signage but also because decision makers were present throughout the show making it easy for them to do business and see immediate ROI.  XBIZ and CamCon combining forces was a smart move and advantageous to all companies who do business in the live cams space. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for XBIZ Miami 2017!"

— K Squared Dynamics’ Kristen Kaye

“Amazing location and venue hotel, meetings by the pool and refreshing splatter in between. We even had beach sand underneath our feet right there in front of our cabana. Relaxing atmosphere, sun and a beautiful city we recommend everyone visit.”

—  Vladimir Jelic of Quantox

“As an attendee, it was a nice location with close quarters for meeting with industry peers. As a sponsor, XBIZ was a great platform to promote our latest product offering, NATS for Networks, around everyone’s neck, with the lanyard sponsorship.”

—  Too Much Media’s John Mauser

“One of the many things XBIZ does very well is pinpointing markets with extensive industry locals, and the XBIZ shows empower the connection between the locals and the rest of us. But this year in Miami, not only were business opportunities opened, with many new business front-runners, but the show was sexy!”

—  CCBill’s Gary Jackson

“The CamCon inclusion was a magnet for a diverse level of business — and hotness — at the packed pool area. VR and VR cams are clearly rousing the market like I have not seen in years, and having the cam market and major cam platforms together was invaluable.”

—  Elevated X’s AJ

“The poolside setting at the SLS, with foot traffic congregating at the whole outside area, is conducive to meeting new partners and reacquainting with existing ones, [while] the surrounding area with bars and restaurants is ideal for more private meetings. We’ve been able to make new business here and develop and build existing business, so all in all, a very worthwhile show which I look forward to re-attending.”

—  Grooby’s Steven Grooby

“We were excited to have two dozen people at our MojoHost data center tour. Also, I thought CamCon was an excellent complement to the venue, leading to new and productive business conversations.”

—   MojoHost’s Brad Mitchell

“The beautiful weather and warm temperatures seemed like a sign of things to come. The combination of XBIZ and CamCon turned out to be a popular move for everyone from both sides of the show. There always seemed to be something going on throughout the three-day event. We at Payze.com look forward to future XBIZ events in Miami Beach!”

—  Payze’s Chris Rodger

“[This was the] best Miami show yet, with a perfect blend of business and pleasure. Kudos XBIZ, you really hit your stride with this one!”

—  Pornstar Platinum’s JC Baumgartner

“I love the new concept to bring XBIZ and CamCon together. There’s more opportunities for business and more to enjoy.”

—  SGM Pro’s Andy Wullmer

“Six deals in 72 hours, and I ate the best scallops he has ever had.”

—  BaDoink’s Todd Glider

“The panels were very educational, with interesting discussions. I went home with many new business leads.”

—  Webbilling’s Ines Petersen

“It was great to meet some new people as well as build on existing relationships. I particularly appreciated the diversity of events.”

—  JuicyAds’ Rainey Stricklin

“Our table was full of visitors every minute. I walked through the show and met with outstanding companies and potential partners in every direction I went. I am busy following up with those contacts this week and already planning to attend XBIZ Miami next year!”

—  LiveJasmin’s Michael M

“As always, XBIZ puts on an amazing show. They have a keen sense of what is on the cutting edge and current in the adult industry, and demonstrate this through the panels and sessions offered. I was particularly pleased with the WIA events. As a long time attendee of adult shows, it’s been a long time coming in creating a platform for the women in adult to connect with each other and have their voices heard. Attending the WIA roundtable was a highlight for me with so much business packed into the regular time, I missed a few opportunities to attend some of the more fun events and meet with a couple of other people.”

—  HoloFilm Productions’ Anna Lee

“XBIZ Miami was well coordinated (as always). The XBIZ crew consistently provides a level of service that makes their events worthy of attending.”

—  Kiwi Outsourcing’s Jo Merlone

“XBIZ Miami is a fun and great way to connect to peers and potential business partners. The seminars were very informative and the parties were amazing!”

 — StreamStrip’s Patrick Crisci

“XBIZ Miami showcased a barrage of business development opportunities. The events were very fun and it was great to catch up with industry executives.”

—  Flirt4Free’s Jasmine 

“I think that the mix of the shows was a fresh idea and one that I would look forward to attending. I don’t see any other show that focuses on American models and studios as much as I saw at XBIZ Miami. I will make sure that we have a presence at the next one.”

—  Flirt4Free’s Jeff Wilson

“The pool area, the Mix & Meet, and the parties provided a great opportunity to catch up with clients and to do business with like-minded people in a casual atmosphere. The AdultCentro team is looking forward to the next XBIZ event!”

—  AdultCentro’s Julia Fiskin

“XBIZ Miami was an amazing show this year. Great atmosphere and the seminars as well as guest speakers did a wonderful job. The XBIZ crew really knows how to put on a very productive show.”

—  Penthouse’s Rhonda Kratz

“Having large groups of models roaming around felt almost like a flashback, plus it’s always great to see familiar faces and get to know some new ones. Both shows had their own schedule, which made it hard to decide what to attend, but it worked out in the end, and a great show overall.”

—  FriendFinder Networks’ Courtney Rudolph

“The show offered a perfect mix of old friends and new connections, the perfect location to meet and greet and apparently a bunch of hot naked girls in the pool. The only downside is all the follow-ups I have to do!”

—  Gamma Entertainment’s Joel Drapeau

“Combining XBIZ Miami with CamCon was a winning move. I’m very happy that I went and sponsored the event."

—  Your Paysite Partner’s Kenny B

“The XBIZ crew delivered a solid event as usual, with the perfect mix of business and pleasure. I’m looking forward to the event’s 2017 return.”

—  DatingGold’s David Pfahlert 

“This year’s XBIZ Miami was a fantastic show. It was great to see old friends and meet many new ones. Meetings were had, business was conducted, many mimosas were consumed.”

—  Dr. Clockwork of MyFetishLIVE

“The hotel grounds are beautiful, the staff was super nice and the service was great. The seminars and events were fantastic as usual [and] it sure didn't hurt that it was a completely closed to public event mixed with CamCon, so having girls running around topless and in the pool wasn’t hard on the eyes either! Useful seminars, seeing old friends, making new ones, impromptu business meetings poolside — XBIZ Miami is worth every penny, and joining forces with CamCon was a great idea. Make the Miami show a MUST on your list of shows to go to!”

—  Vicky Vette of VNA Live

“I had the opportunity to meet some dynamic forward-thinking business people. It’s an entrepreneurial environment where people come together to do better business and learn from some of the leading names in the industry.”

—  Brian Randall

“As a group, we met a ton of people. It was very productive businesswise.”

—  FiFi’s Joseph Phillips

“The atmosphere created by the attendees, the sponsors and the organizers, definitely made socializing and meeting for business opportunities easier, especially for someone like myself attending the show alone from my company. One of the events that stood out for me was the WIA roundtable. I thoroughly enjoyed this session mainly because it was just us girls within the different areas of the adult industry casually discussing our experiences, goals, backgrounds, giving advice and being helpful. It was enlightening as I got to learn more of what some people do within the different backgrounds and I got a better understanding and an appreciation for them. Everyone who attended was humble, helpful, friendly and genuinely kind.”

—  IntermaxGroup AG’s Sasha Williams 

“It was a successful sponsorship; we were able to really make an impact with our brands. Always a pleasure working with XBIZ and looking forward to being a part of the many shows in the future. Thanks for all your help XBIZ team!”

—  James from NakedNews and Mr. Man

"XBIZ Miami was a remarkable gathering of the industry’s brightest and best. It was just the right combination of business and fun and 2000Charge is delighted to have been associated with this event. We are also pleased that our paleta popsicles at the pool networking were a hit! We look forward to seeing everybody again next year. Congratulations, XBIZ!”

—  Ines Kring from 2000Charge

“In my position, I must attend almost every adult related business event in the world … and let’s face it, they are not all equal. It’s the 80 percent-20 percent rule. XBIZ is always relevant and very professional. It is one of my most valuable events of the year. Plus, this year’s Miami event was exceptional." 

—  AJ from LALExpo

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