Yanks.com Partners With Call to Safety to Fight Sexual Violence

SEATTLE — Beginning this month, Yanks.com will be donating a portion of all new sales to Call to Safety, an Oregon-based non-profit that fights domestic and sexual violence. YanksCash CEO Billie said that the company, including chief marketing officer Todd, is happy to support a noble cause.

"Todd and I, our employees and our models believe it to be a moral imperative that every business gives back to the communities that support it," Billie said. "Adult companies are no different. For us, one of those communities is obvious: women. Without our photographers and our beautiful, strong, open-minded Yanks Girls, our site would not be possible. For many years, the environment was not friendly to giving back to that community in a meaningful way. 2016, however, has finally given us that opportunity. Our entire company is proud to be able to leverage our brand and our fans to give to an organization that works to empower women and protect all the victims of domestic and sexual violence."

Rebecca of Call to Safety, said: "We're partnering with Yanks because we appreciate their commitment to the empowerment and safety of women. The world needs more solid businesses that contribute to the greater good, and Yanks is doing just that."

Call to Safety, originally the Portland Women's Crisis Line (PWCL), was one of the first sexual violence crisis lines in the United States. Throughout the years, they have expanded their programs, which now include a 24/7 crisis line, a program for combating sexual assault, and community outreach and educational programs.

A spokesperson for YanksCash said, "Call to Safety is not just a social service agency; it was also founded as a social change organization. They believe that domestic and sexual violence are widespread in our society. Their purpose is not only to empower those who experience violence, but also, to end the oppression and violence which causes people to seek out their services."

Feminist amateur model and regular Yanks Girl Jessica said, "I'm always seeking ways to eliminate the taboo of female sexuality by empowering women through my work. However, it's important to realize that women face severe forms of domestic and sexual violence every day. That's why I'm extremely proud to work with a production company that has the same values that I do by supporting an organization that seeks to provide support and resources for these women."

Like-minded affiliates of Yanks such as Sssh.com have also pledged to be ongoing supporters of philanthropy through regularly focused campaigns.

"We at Yanks, through our own personal experiences with domestic violence, share the passion to empower the victims of domestic and sexual violence," the company said.

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