ILS Organizers Address Fall Show Rumors

ILS Organizers Address Fall Show Rumors
Ariana Rodriguez

LAS VEGAS — The organizers of the International Lingerie Show is addressing rumors about their upcoming September event in a letter.

The following letter was sent to ILS attendees:

Dear ILS Buyer,

Rumors are running rampant about things happening at ILS.

Most are way off base and a few are true. Please let us tell you truthfully what is happening, to the best of our knowledge, as of the sending of this email.

There will be an International Lingerie Show at the Rio Hotel this coming Sept. 12-14. Any word otherwise is simply not true.

A handful (perhaps a half dozen) of past exhibitors have decided not to attend in September. The half dozen does not include the most important names like Leg Avenue, Shirley of Hollywood, Rene Rofe, Oh La La, iCollection and many, many more. We'll still have 150 vendors for you to see. 

Those few exhibitors, of course, do not want you to attend either.

We have already replaced the exhibitors who will not be attending with NEW exhibitors, who will be able to meet all of your needs.

You will be able to buy everything you have become accustomed to buying at past ILS shows. In fact, because of what has happened, many current exhibitors will be offering MORE special deals and close-outs than have normally been offered in the past.

We — and the exhibitors — are determined to make this September show the best we have had in years.

If you hear a rumor and want to know if it is true, email us at We will answer with 100 percent honesty. We don't know why we are being attacked.

If there is something we can do to make your traveling to ILS easier or less costly, ask and we will try to help you.

Please pre-register at so that we can get even more new exhibitors to sign up.


Michael [Moreira] John [Pace] and Jeff [Yunis]