BrokerBabe Integrates Anti-Fraud System For Affiliates

ZURICH — Leading mobile affiliate program BrokerBabe has announced a fraud protection tool for affiliates. The new security features are a result of the partnership between BrokerBabe and an anti-fraud specialist.

The new system, according to BrokerBabe, features a risk score for click and conversions "in order to help users determine possible fraudulent activities like bot traffic or scripted installs."

Starting this week, BrokerBabe's new fraud protection system will be available to all BrokerBabe partners. The system, BrokerBabe said, "offers real-time results about possible risks."

Stefan Mühlbauer, director of marketing and sales for BrokerBabe, said: "We are very happy that we made this step. As a tech company, you are confronted every day with 'partners' that try to trick the system. It's very important for BrokerBabe to protect its publishers and advertisers. Now, we made this tool public for all our partners to prevent media buyers from spending money on bot traffic and to help performance networks identify scripted signups and installs on the spot."

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