Tanya Tate Discusses Career Evolution With XBIZ

LOS ANGELES — Director/performer Tanya Tate is featured in the recent issue of XBIZ Premiere. In an interview with XBIZ Associate Editor Alejandro Freixes, Tate discusses her history in the adult industry and her evolution from strictly a performer to a director/performer.

"I always knew I wanted to direct," Tate said. "Initially, it was a bit overwhelming, but now, I feel very comfortable. And I've grown in the last three years. I love directing. Now, I am looking to broaden my scope and explore other genres. I have a lot of nasty fantasies inside me that I want to bring to light. I want to thank Alejandro Freixes of XBIZ for sitting down with me for this interview and allowing me to share my experiences with everyone."

Focusing on the lesbian genre for Filly Films, Tate has built a solid filmography. Tates' films have included "Cosplay Queens and Tied Up Teens," "Lesbian Family Affair" and "Tanya Tate’s Baby Sitting Academy," among others.  

Freixes' interview with Tate can be found on Page 68 of XBIZ Premiere's May issue. To read the interview, visit this link.

Tate is also featured in a two-minute video that AskMen.com has posted on YouTube. The video, titled "Common Sex Mistakes as Told by Porn Stars," also features as Princess Levi, Danni King, Lynda Leigh, Yuffie Yulan and Linsey Dawn Mckenzie.

In the video, Tate and others offer advice and commentary on mistakes that men make in the bedroom. Since it was posted on May 24, the video "has already attained nearly 400,000 views," a spokesperson for Tate said.

"I am pretty forthcoming," Tate said. "If you want relationship or bedroom advice, I have no problem offering my opinion based on my experiences. I have been pretty fortunate in my sex life, but there have been a few occasions when a guy has done something that left me befuddled." 

To view "Common Sex Mistakes As Told by Porn Stars," visit this link

For more information on Tate, visit her official website or follow her on Twitter.