Brazzers Releases 'Meme Lover 2: Dawn of Just'

Brazzers Releases 'Meme Lover 2: Dawn of Just'
Alejandro Freixes

BURBANK, Calif. — Brazzers has announced the release of "Meme Lover 2: Dawn of Just," which will be available on June 4.

The sequel follows two Internet reviewers, Mick and Ray, as they search for the ultimate adult star to satisfy their girlfriends "because, reasons."

After receiving some sound advice from Emperor Palpatine (a.k.a. “Sheev”), the two contact a Ryan Gosling-inspired "Drive" adult star (Danny D) to help them please their girlfriends (Nekane and Cara St. Germain). The memes that ensue are a sampling of popular memes circulating online, both past and present.

Mario Nardstein, product director of Brazzers, explained the decision to make the sequel. “We all know the saying ‘sequels suck,' but there was just too much left untold in the 'Meme Lover' saga we envisioned — we had to make a follow up," he said. "The community was a big help in contributing to the humor of the series, so for this one we decided to take the reins and step up the visual effects, the jokes, the plot and really give this meme-porn saga the polish it deserved.”

To watch the safe-for-work trailer for "Meme Lover 2: Dawn of Just," click here.