Verotel Distributing VR Headsets to Consumers

AMSTERDAM — Payment facilitator Verotel has started to distribute virtual reality cardboard headsets to customers of merchants offering adult VR content. 

The Verotel cardboard headsets can be used in conjunction with a smartphone to view recorded or live VR content. A representative said that since these headsets are neutrally branded and shipped in discreet packaging, they allow a larger audience access to adult VR content and create a higher revenue stream for merchants.

"For centuries, man has imagined other worlds," said Mike Kovalsky of "From legends and tales to movies or video games, we have tried to bring ourselves to other realities. We believe that VR is a revolution in the world of entertainment because it is the first time that video really makes you feel like you're in another place. This is a totally new, immersive and spectacular experience."

The new VR headset distribution service is available for all Verotel merchants offering VR content. As an extra incentive, Verotel is also inviting VR-only merchants to join its VR Pioneer Program and benefit from free cardboard distribution for all of their customers. 

The management of said, "VR is a game changer for the adult industry. It takes only seconds to realize how different and immersive it is. By shipping VR headsets directly to my customers, Verotel makes it simple and discreet for everyone to access VR content."

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