Buddy Profits Celebrates 4 Grabby Wins

CHICAGO — Leading gay affiliate program BuddyProfits.com has announced four Grabby wins within its portfolio of websites. Grab Magazine's Grabby Awards were held Saturday night at the Metro Theater in Chicago.

Steve Cruz and Nick Foxx shared the Best Videography award for Raging Stallion's "Total Exposure 1" and "Total Exposure 2" and the Best Director award for "Total Exposure 1," while "Total Exposure 1" won Best Movie. And Icon Male took home the Steamworks Fan Fav award for their feature "Baby Boy."

Affiliates can promote Raging Stallion and Icon Male via BuddyProfits.com, which said that affiliates "have the option to receive $35 PPS or 50 percent revshare options on all memberships, including trials."

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