EurocremeGroup Releases 'Sergeant Daddy'

LONDON — The Eurocreme Group has announced the release of "Sergeant Daddy," directed by Andy O'Neill. 

"Sergeant Daddy" features Kamyk Walker, Matthew Anders, Charley Cole, Dave London, Alexis Belfort, Bruno Fox, Killian James and Cory Prince. According to Eurocreme, the gay title "explores the military relationship between older and younger men in a testosterone-fueled environment that reeks of sweat, sex and ultimately, spunk."

A spokesperson for the Eurocreme Group said, "Stand to attention and listen to your orders. The dads are in charge, and this time, they are in uniform. Pulling rank over their younger new recruits, these hairy, hard and horny older men enforce their rules on the smooth twinks in front of them, yelling inches from their faces to clean up, stand up straight, make their beds and get on their knees."

"Sergeant Daddy" is available on DVD or in high-definition or standard-definition downloads.

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