Trans Star Kimber Haven Featured in Short Documentary

DANVILLE, Ky. — Transgender adult star Kimber Haven is encouraging people to watch her short documentary, "My Transgender Story: Becoming Kimber," which describes her transition and is posted on YouTube.

Haven said, "Many people know about Kaitlin Jenner, and that has helped acceptance of trans people. But it doesn't hard it is to transition. This is why I show before and after images in the video, which you rarely see. I hope this will inspire young women to make that change and be who they were born to be."

At 39, she made the transition from Tracy, an ex-heavyweight cage fighter and celebrity bodyguard, to Kimber Haven. A representative for Haven said, "Many trans people don't have a support system like Kimber did. They hide in the shadows or never transition. It's Kimber's intention that once she transitioned, she would be a role model for young trans women to let them know it's going to be OK, and they can do it."

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