Sexpo Holds Sexy Cosplay Competition in Sydney

SYDNEY — Sexpo, a leading consumer exhibition for the adult industry, held their inaugural sexy cosplay competition in Sydney from May 12-15. 

With over 100 applicants received in the pre-screening process, 28 were selected to participate in four heats over two days. Each finalist received a showbag worth $250, and each heat winner received an additional $500 cash.

The four heat winners participated in the grand final held on the last Sunday of the event and represented four very diverse cosplayers.  

According to one of the grand finalists, "I highly recommend attending if you've been wanting to try that one sexy costume you've been hiding for fear of being judged. Nobody judges you at Sexpo; you can be who you want to be worry-free."

Noting the overwhelming success of the competition, Sexpo South Africa will be incorporating a cosplay competition into their Oct. 27-30 show. 

Sean Newman of Sexpo South Africa said, "After the hype created around the Australian show, we have been inundated with requests for the same to be held out here in South Africa. As proud members of the Sexpo group, we are ecstatic to announce that we will be holding a competition based on the one held in Australia at our show in October. We feel it is a great new element to an already fabulous concept and brand and couldn't be happier to carry the flag on this side of the world."

Bentleigh Gibson, event manager for Sexpo Australia, said, "Enthusiasts of all types of cosplay should have a safe and comfortable avenue through which they can explore and promote their passion. Sexpo is simply providing this channel and at the same time, rewarding those who go that extra mile with their choice of outfit."

Melbourne's next Sexpo will be held from Nov. 24-27 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

For more information on Sexpo, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.