Berman Innovations Awarded Utility Patent for Semenette Technology

BOSTON — Stephanie Berman, inventor of The Semenette and POPDildo, has been awarded a utility patent for the technology behind the ejaculating dildo. According to a Berman Innovations representative, the patent, US 9,301,779 B2, "provides protections for the dildo and its replaceable pump and tubing system, allowing for the prevention of infection and other health issues."

"Being issued this patent is one of my proudest business accomplishments to date," said Stephanie Berman, CEO of Berman Innovations. "It is a very long and arduous process to apply for a patent, and to be granted one is an incredible personal achievement. I am confident in my unique technology, and having the patent to protect it is something for which I am truly grateful." 

According to Berman innovations, "The Semenette and its second iteration, POPDildo, allow partners to mimic traditional intercourse through its proprietary inner tubing and pump system, complete with ejaculation — something that sets it apart from both traditional dildos and party-style ejaculating toys."

"The invention generally relate[s] to devices for artificial insemination and more particularly, to devices that mimic ejaculation," according to the patent documentation. "[Berman's device] includes a dildo member having an internal channel for receiving a tubing, connected to a pumping mechanism and associated pumping arm, wherein fluid may be drawn into the dildo member through the pumping mechanism and discharged through the internal tubing at the distal end."

Berman Innovations is nominated for LGBT Company of the Year and Marketing Campaign of the Year for the 10th Annual StorErotica Awards, which recognizes excellence in the adult retail community at the brick and mortar, distributing, and manufacturing levels. Winners will be announced during a special awards gala event on Mon., Jul. 18 during the ANME Founders Show.

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