Chloe Amour Reintroduces 2 Official Blogs Today

Chloe Amour Reintroduces 2 Official Blogs Today
Alex Henderson

LOS ANGELES — Chloe Amour is reintroducing both of her blogs today, and, with new designs and added features.

"I was rather surprised with the response to both of my blogs initially — and to be honest, a bit overwhelmed," said Amour, who shot her first anal scene earlier this year. "My adult career continued changing directions, both in terms of the types of scenes I was doing and the direction I wanted to take my brand in. I began feature dancing and traveling more, making more personal appearances. And as a result, I wasn't able to devote the time to both blogs as I had hoped."

According to Amour, input from fans influenced the new designs of and

Amour said, "I got a lot of feedback from my fans across social media: what they liked, what they didn't, what they wanted more of — in some cases, less of. I took their input, added some of my own ideas. And I think everyone will be very happy."

Asked what fans can expect from the redesigned blogs, Amour said, "More photos, for starters. Not just the usual stuff, but more intimate, more personal, more unique. I'd also like to make both blogs as interactive as possible. Communicating on social media is great, but can be restrictive at times. Here, there are no filters, no restrictions."

Some new sections have been added.

Amour said, "One new section is called More Amour. This section will include even more unique material that will be password-protected. The only way you'll be able to see it is by following me on my social media platforms to get the password."

A section of animated gifs has been added to the blogs. Amour said, "Most of these are created by my fans. I'd like to share them with everyone, and I can't wait to see more."

For editorial purposes, Amour has added a section called the Press Room.

"This area will include a variety of pre-approved promotional photos, links, biography, and more," Amour said of the Press Room. "I'm getting more media requests, interviews, appearances and so forth. As a result, I'd like to control my image and how it's presented as much as possible. The only way to do that is provide promotional materials I've created or approved. For journalists, this saves you the hassle of looking for images or video links across the World Wide Web and allows you to slant your story whatever way you need to."

The Press Room, according to an Amour representative, will only be available to pre-approved media outlets. Interested media outlets can contact for more details.

For more information on Amour, follow her on Twitter.