Offers Masturbation Guidelines for VR Site

LOS ANGELES — In conjunction with National Masturbation Month, has offered some masturbation guidelines for maximizing one's enjoyment of the virtual reality webcam site. said it "has given its users ten tenets to follow in order to enjoy the new VR experience it has created with maximum pleasure."

"VR adult entertainment is the new frontier where so far, anything goes," said Fabian Grey, CEO of "When users put on the headset and connect to, they're going to be transported to a new, sexy reality. So we felt we needed to issue some guidelines to help everyone get the most of their experience."

Topping the list of guidelines, said, is "don't be cheap with your WI-FI."

"There are some things in life worth splurging on, and high-speed Internet is one of them — at least if you're going to properly enjoy VR, whether camming or streaming video."

Second on the list is "make sure the headset or phone is ready," followed by "lock the door" for #3.

"Having a VR headset on leaves the wearer more vulnerable than a baby pig alone in the middle of a Texas BBQ competition," said. "Locking the door becomes more imperative than ever."

For #4, advised "memorize your environment," followed by "remove distractions" for #5 and "stay away from the leather" for #6.

"No matter how prepared you may be for your climax, it's impossible to keep things completely clean when you can't see," said. "The VR experience is best when not enjoyed on expensive furniture."

For #7, recommended that users "invest in a male masturbation toy" such as Fleshlight. For #8, recommended that users "forget everything," and for #9, the company recommended "enjoy the moment."

"With the headphones plugged in, the flashlight working its magic, and the wearer's eyes delighted at what they see," said, "users shouldn't forget to lean back in the chair and enjoy a pleasurable break from reality."

For #10, AliceX recommended "bust out the VR light." 

"Maybe you don't need to go to this extreme, but when you're all done with your alone time, triple check everything, including your clothes," AliceX said. "And if you're are considering going out, it may be best to change."

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