IWantClips.com Reports Growth in Findom Niche

CHEYENNE, Wy. — IWantClips.com has reported that financial domination or "findom" is one of the adult clip site's "biggest growing and most popular genres."

"Men get off on giving women money, gift cards and/or gifts, like sexy lingerie, clothes or shoes," a spokesperson for IWantClips.com said. "In return, they get dominated, degraded and/or humiliated, which leads to the man's sexual pleasure."

The Daily Dot has described financial domination as "the Internet's priciest fetish" and "S&M for your wallet."

According to an IWantClips.dom representative, "Many of IWC's top earners are models specializing in findom. One model drained $40k from a stock broker in one month, and $14k of that in just one day. More than half a dozen of the models on the site have taken in $10k in one day, without even taking their clothes off. One IWC model has an American Express card in her name courtesy of a very wealthy client who pays every cent of that bill each month."

In 2015, German dominatrix Lizz La Reign opened her English-language clips store on IWantClips.com.

"I'm demanding money from men online to fund my luxurious lifestyle, like traveling the world," La Reign said.

Violet Doll is another financial domination specialist with a clips store on IWantClips.com.

"Men are not only disposable, but recyclable," Doll said. "Use them again once their wallet has been revived."

Princess Breanna, who uses IWantClips.com for financial domination, has described herself as "a spoiled little brat that always gets what she want."

"Addiction runs through your veins and is in every part of your body," Breanna said. "My perfection will take over your life."

IWantClips' financial domination page can be found at this link.

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