Entrenue Selected as LELO Cornerstone Partner

PHOENIX — Entrenue has been selected as one of four Cornerstone distributors to partner with internationally recognized manufacturer LELO. With a unique history between the two companies, LELO said, this partnership establishes Entrenue as a go-to source of the renowned luxury brand and will help establish a fresh support base for members of LELO's loyal supply chain.

"When choosing our Cornerstone Partners, we had so many important elements to consider," said Donna Faro, senior sales director at LELO. "The execution and follow-through of this important program requires two sides of the industry in complete alignment: quality distribution and a total brand package. Our long-term relationship with Entrenue as our very first North American distributor has proven over and over to build our businesses based on similar principles and practices — to ultimately provide the very best in luxury, technology and design with intimate products."

Entrenue, according to LELO, was the first distributor to stock LELO in the United States and has remained a loyal partner, providing retailers across the country with unmatched customer service and access to essential sales tools and materials. Along with their fellow Cornerstone distributors, Entrenue joins this partnership to help LELO maintain a tight-knit, U.S.-based distribution channel with retailers' best interests in mind. 

"We are beyond thrilled to be a part of this important milestone, helping LELO set a new precedent while upholding our core values and principles as a boutique distributor," Entrenue President Joe Casella said. "As a Cornerstone Partner, we will be able to better support retailers with exciting programs and opportunities dedicated to promoting the LELO brand. With new items in the pipeline, LELO has made it possible to establish a true joint effort between the four distributors, retailers, and the company itself. We are excited to launch the first campaign Jun. 1, which will include special pricing for the retailer all the way down to the consumer."

Faro said, "Joe and his entire team are part of the LELO brand family. We look forward to this new venture in providing the strongest, most professional and best value-added approach for our shared retailers and end consumers."

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