'Sola Egg' Massager Now Available Wholesale

NEW YORK — Sola has announced that the Sola Egg is now available at William's Trading, Honey's Place and Nalpac. The Sola Egg has been described as "the world's first-ever intelligent 4-in-1 pressure sensitive massager."

"This move to wholesale makes (Sola's) mission of everyday sexual wellness accessible to as many women as possible," a spokesperson for Sola said.

In January, Sola launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Sola Egg, and a total of $31,485 was raised by Mar. 11. Since the product's launch, a Sola representative said, it has enjoyed "overwhelming interest from consumers."

Jessica B., lead designer at Sola, said, "We at Sola have created a product that is expressly designed by women for women, (with) their partners in mind. Sola embodies all aspects of function and form that the everyday modern woman needs. Chic, elegant and practical design is our target here at Sola."

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