Nutaku Launches Downloadable Adult Games Store

MONTREAL — Adult gaming site Nutaku has announced the launch of its downloadable games storefront, which it described as "the first online distribution platform dedicated to bringing sexually explicit gaming to players around the world."

The store will feature titles from developers like Overdrive and Moonstone and will feature American and Japanese companies. The store, according to Nutaku, "offers adult gamers a Steam-like experience where purchases are tied to on-site accounts and can be downloaded at will." 

All titles sold on the site will be offered at discounts ranging from 20-50 percent off previously listed prices.

"The Nutaku store is a direct response to the high level of content restriction on distribution services such as Steam," said spokesperson Robert Mann. "With this new service, adult game developers will no longer be forced to choose between mass distribution or compromising their artistic vision. We want to give both fans and creators a censorship-free space to collaborate."

Nutaku's game store will initially offer 16 titles on launch, ranging from visual novels to fast-paced arcade fighters. Featuring games whose uncensored versions were considered "too hot" for Steam, the adult store will offer players the chance to purchase complete copies of hit titles without requiring extensive patching to unlock adult content — which, Nutaku said, is "a common complaint from buyers purchasing from mainstream distribution services."

Since its launch in late 2014, Nutaku has grown to over 13 million users per month by hosting online games with an adult focus. Partnered with Japanese gaming giant DMM, Nutaku currently serves as a conduit for overseas game developers whose products are considered too controversial or explicit for traditional North American game distributors. is an online gaming portal featuring both online and downloadable adult games. Created in 2014, Nutaku assists developers with hosting and monetizing their products for English-speaking players, allowing them to reach audiences worldwide.

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