Net1on1 Adds 'BKK Cybersex Cup'

Net1on1 Adds 'BKK Cybersex Cup'
Alex Henderson

LONDON — U.K.-based adult toy wholesale Net1on1 will be adding the virtual reality BKK Cybersex Cup to its growing range of technology products.

A representative for Net1on1 said, "Quite possibly the smartest sex toy on the market, the BKK Cybersex Cup is revolutionary because it creates a mind-blowing virtual reality experience by combining pornography on a mobile phone app with a virtual reality helmet and masturbation cup. To use the cutting-edge device, gentlemen simply open the app on VR mode, slot their mobile phone into the VR helmet and their member into the masturbation cup — which has a built-in motion sensor and Bluetooth technology to simulate their strokes and movements on the app."

According to Net1on1, the BKK "offers men the first ever 3D porn game for a smartphone, including an array of extraordinary new experiences. Users can first fully customize their own 3D girlfriend — and choose everything from her figure and hairstyle to her skin tone, outfit and voice — before placing her in several desired positions.

Net1on1 said that "by switching the cup to VR mode, users can also enjoy the up and down motions of their cyber girlfriend in an immersive environment."

Tony Gonzalez, managing director of Net1on1, said, "The BKK is extraordinary in that it brings the world of virtual reality and masturbation together. This is easily one of the most sophisticated products of its kind in the market, and we are very excited to be introducing it to sex toy retailers this summer. I'm sure it will be a real hit not just because of the novelty factor, but because it uses technology to make masturbation a truly customizable, real and immersive experience. More and more content is becoming available for a true virtual reality experience, with the likes of Porn Hub leading the way. We've seen technology converge with sex toys more and more in recent years, and the BKK is helping to take us to the next level."

For more information on Net1on1, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.

For more information on BKK, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.