BrokerBabe Launches New Competition for Italy

ZURICH — Mobile affiliate program BrokerBabe has announced the launch of a new bonus week: the Money Pizza, which begins today and will continue until Sun., May 22. All affiliates who reach 2000€ or more in revenue in Italy for H3G and TIM will receive a 10 percent higher payout in those markets.

A spokesperson said that even though the special bonus is limited this time to H3G and TIM, “ also has attractive conversion rates on Vodafone and WIND, and even WI-FI.”

“Every affiliate that has traffic in Italy should use this week to send his mobile traffic to us,” said Stefan Muehlbauer, director of marketing and sales at BrokerBabe. “We only use (our) own offers and some selected direct advertisers for recurring users.”

BrokerBabe said that “all BrokerBabe affiliates profit automatically from the Money Pizza.”

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