IndieBucks Launches

MONTREAL — Stunner Media and its affiliate program IndieBucks have announced the launch of, a gay site that will feature twink models such as Reagan Granville and Damian Blue as well as daddy performer Piggie Tim. founder Sky Wine, reflecting on the site's origins, said, "About six years ago, a fuck buddy of mine asked if I would fist him. As time went by, I found a lot of my friends loved to take a fist. But I didn't know of any fisting twink content out there."

Although will not feature twinks exclusively, it will feature them prominently. And fisting will be a recurring theme on the site.

"Twinky boy Reagan Granville and daddy Piggie Tim are both exclusives to the site," Wine said. "The first time Reagan ever punched a hole, he went armpit deep inside Tim. Piggie Tim has one of the largest prolapses in the U.S., coming in at around 6-7 inches."

Wine said, "I hope to make my first fisting movie later this year."

IndieBucks said that as "builds its library with regular updates, members will also enjoy access to other hot twink sites like, and"

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