HiPleasures Introduces 30-Day Bottles of Sugar Cum

MIAMI — HiPleasures are now offering their secretion sweetener Sugar Cum in 30-day bottles containing 60 capsules. Previously, Sugar Cum was only available in blister packs with one serving.

In addition to the new bottles, Sugar Cum has a new formula that contains three new ingredients: magic berry, which HiPleasures said "has the ability to make sour things taste sweet," banana extract and Vitamin C.

"It's better to take Sugar Cum on a daily basis for it to be the most effective," said HiPleasures CEO Brittani Feinberg. "Our goal is to become the adult sexual wellness multivitamin. The original ingredients help on multiple levels beyond the bedroom: wheatgrass increases energy, papaya extract promotes cardiovascular health, acai extract aids in erectile dysfunction and detoxifies, and both cinnamon and pineapple improves blood circulation and are antioxidants. And the three new ingredients give it an extra punch."

HiPleasures is now a sponsor of the Florida-based Demon Seed Radio, which can be heard live on Friday nights for two hours starting at 8:15 p.m. EST at PlanetPlatypus.com.

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