Williams Trading Co. Honored With Exclusive LELO Cornerstone Partnership

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading Co. has announced that they are now a LELO Cornerstone partner.

Williams Trading Co. is one of four companies selected by LELO to represent the internationally known brand of adult products. Entrenue, Eldorado and Honey's Place complete the exclusive LELO Cornerstone Partnership for wholesale distribution in the United States.

"The selection process was a long and arduous task that required a complete audit of every U.S. distributor's sales support, marketing programs and an in-depth, in-person interview with the senior team of each distributor being considered," said Donna Faro, senior sales director for LELO.

During the interview, a Williams Trading Co. representative said, "it was clear the combination of sales expertise, effective marketing channels and retailer education offered through Williams Trading University set Williams Trading apart as an award-winning, adult industry leader."

Williams Trading University (WTU) stands alone with over 33,000 adult retailers certified in adult product training and currently supports LELO with two courses exclusive to Williams Trading customers: How To Sell High End Products and Luna Beads: A Mini Course. WTU recently added WTU Storebuilder, an opportunity for adult retailers to have an online store accessing Williams Trading's full warehouse inventory 24/7 at no cost to them.

"We are thrilled with the honor to represent LELO as an exclusive Cornerstone Partner," said Bob Pyne Jr., president and CEO of Williams Trading Co. "The lengths LELO went to identify and correct the weaknesses that are a reality in adult product resale will redefine how a brand is supported by a distributor. This is truly game-changing for our industry."

Faro said, "Restructuring our distribution channel into this Cornerstone Partnership will allow LELO to work more closely with its Cornerstone Partners and better support retailers. We're certainly thrilled by this Cornerstone Partnership, which has been designed to add value to and focus on end-customers for the best possible consumer experience."

Williams Trading Co. is a full-line adult wholesale distributor with over 40 years of excellence in the industry, carrying over 20,000 different items and with new products added weekly.

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