Shots Wins 'Best New Product Range' Award at Adultex

MELBOURNE — Shots Media won the award for Best New Product Range at the 2016 Adultex Awards, which took place in Australia during Adultex's B2B trade show of Apr. 27-29. Shots were honored for their recently introduced brand Vive.

A representative for Shots Media said, "In the short amount of time since the introduction of Vive, the brand has already had some remarkable highlights. First of all, it broke all pre-sales records in the history of Shots. Then there were stunning and exclusive window displays at both Mundo Sex in Sevilla, Spain and the Harmony Store on Oxford St., London, U.K. And now, there is this prestigious Best New Product Range Award received at the Adultex Convention, organized in the RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Australia."

Shots Media said it is an honor to be recognized by Adultex, which is organized by Australian adult product distributor Calvista.

"Everybody at Shots is extremely happy and proud of this award, which really puts a crown on all the hard work of the entire team," a Shots Media spokesperson said. "A big thank you to Calvista for hosting this amazing show, and of course, a big thank you to all customers, fans and supporters."

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