Jessica Ryan Is Now Self-Booking

LOS ANGELES — Jessica Ryan, formerly represented by ATMLA, has announced that she is now self-booking.

"After months of deliberation," Ryan said, "I am finally biting the bullet and going independent. It is a hard decision for me to make, seeing as the past two years, I have really felt at home with everyone at ATMLA. But it is time for me to take the helm and be the captain of my own career."

For shoots, Ryan can now be contacted directly at

"It is funny, painful and awe-inspiring to see how much I have grown, from the girl who could barely say anything while fucking on camera to the dirty-mouthed woman which I have evolved into," Ryan said. "I have had great mentors and friends who have helped me blossom, and it is time to show my gratefulness for that and shine as bright as I can-just in time for my 30th birthday coming up in September. Talk about stepping into my sexual prime!"

Ryan said, "I am about to unleash the beast in the sheets and transform into the ultimate fuck toy and open up all my holes for my fans, including never before seen: anal sex. Oh, and spoiler alert: I want more than one dick as well."

For more information on Ryan, follow her on TwitterInstagramDreamLover or SextPanther.