'SDR Show' Welcomes Essence Revealed, Viviane Jeremy

NEW YORK — "The SDR Show," hosted by comedian Big Jay Oakerson and radio personality Ralph Sutton, welcomed burlesque performer Essence Revealed and cam model Viviane Jeremy for an episode titled "The Sideshow of Sin." 

"This week, we get a bit crazy, and that says a lot coming from us," Sutton said. "It was officially announced this week that 'The SDR Show' will be on Shiprocked 2017. Their theme for 2017 is 'carnival' and listed us as one of the sideshow acts, with a blank slate as to what that might mean. So we decided to give them a small taste of what it could be."

The episode will officially air this Wed., May 11. To hear an advance audio-only version, visit SDRshow.com/SoS. Video highlights will be available tomorrow.

"We start with a sexy burlesque performance from Essence Revealed, and then amp it up a few notches with a follow up performance from Viviane Jeremy, digitally assisted by Big Jay Oakerson," Sutton said. "The video will be only available at GasDigitalNetwork, but the audio as well as a video teaser are available on TheSDRShow." 

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