Desperate Pleasures Signs Philmore Gapez to Directing Deal

LOS ANGELES — Desperate Pleasures has officially signed Philmore Gapez to direct for its DNA Studio B imprint. "Looner Lovers," the performer/director's first release directing for DNA Studio B, will ship May 26 through Pure Play Media for a June 2 release.

"Phil and I have known each other over 30 years," said JW Ties, owner of Desperate Pleasures. "We might as well be brothers. We launched DNA Studio B to produce more 'mainstream' concepts so Desperate could continue to focus on fauxcest releases. Phil has already co-directed over a dozen titles, including 'Schoolgirl Diaries 2,' our 'Daddy's Video Virgins' series, 'New and Used,' 'April Showers,' and our 'Anal First Timers' series. And we're thrilled to have Phil on board in an official capacity as director."

Gapez said, "It's great to be directing for JW and working with his team. I have a few concepts I've been wanting to try, and with JW's advice and experience, I am confident we can put together some rather interesting movies."

"Looner Lovers" features erotic balloon play. 

"I created 'Looner Lovers' based on conversations with some fans and some of the models we had worked with," Gapez said. "Balloons aren't my fetish per se, but it seems to be a vastly underserved niche. I was rather surprised by how many of the models find playing with balloons to be a genuine turn-on."

Gapez said that possibly, balloon play will also be featured in subsequent DNA Studio B releases.

"All of the girls in the film had a blast while were making it, and are looking forward to doing it again with us," Gapez said. "We've also gotten a number of requests from girls wanting to do balloons with us as well, so perhaps this will become an ongoing series."

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