Tempt Me Tease Me Infographic Spotlights Most Common Sexual Fantasies

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. — Online sex toy retailer Tempt Me Tease Me has released an infographic titled "Most Common Sexual Fantasies and Fetishes and How to Bring Them to Life," which is based on data from the Independent's recent report "How Common Is Your Sexual Fantasy."

Common fantasies listed in the infographic involve "atmosphere and location" as well as "being masturbated by my partner," "giving cunnilingus" and "having anal sex." BDSM-related fantasies are featured prominently in the infographic, which cited "being tied up by someone in order to obtain sexual pleasure," "dominating someone sexually," "being dominated sexually" and "being spanked or whipped" as common fantasies.

"We all have daydreams, fantasies and desires, whether we like to admit it or not," a representative for Tempt Me Tease Me said. "Some people are very open about what turns them on, while others are ashamed of their fantasies or made to feel ashamed because of the way society looks down upon slightly wilder fantasies. And so, (they) stay quiet and unhappy."

To see the infographic, visit this link.

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