Layla Sin Featured in New Article

LOS ANGELES — Layla Sin is featured in Suzannah Weiss' new article "8 Surprising Secrets That Go Into Making Porn," offering mainstream readers insights on the adult industry. The topics that Sin addresses in the article range from orgasms to porn stars dealing with their periods.

In the article, Weiss describes the process of making adult films and writes, "According to Sin, scripts get super specific, laying out exactly when each action happens."

Weiss quotes Sin as saying that on an adult film set, "(they might say something like), 'You're going to do a strip tease,' and then two minutes into the scene, you're going to take your top off. Then after a minute, you're going to take your bottom off. Then after three minutes, you're going to start masturbating."

Sometimes, even the orgasms in adult films are timed, Sin told Weiss. Sin told Weiss that sometimes, 'You have to fake it. You cannot come, like, 18 times.'"

Sin said that it was a pleasure to share insights on the adult industry with a mainstream journalist.

"For those of us in the industry, a lot of these things are commonplace," Sin said. "And we don't think much of them after a while. But to outsiders, porn is wild and different. I enjoy the opportunity to speak to an audience that is fascinated with what I do and really enjoyed speaking with Suzannah for Glamour."

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