Spencer's Stores to Carry HiPleasures' 'Sugar Cum'

MIAMI — Effective this Mon., May 9, 30 stores in the Spencer's retail chain will begin carrying HiPleasures' secretion sweetener Sugar Cum. More of the chain's stores will begin carrying HiPleasures' products in the future if they sell well.

"It's very exciting that Sugar Cum will be available in Spencer's stores across the country," said HiPleasures CEO Brittani Feinberg. "We're the perfect product to be carried there for people who are looking to add spice to their sex life or that extra item for shoppers to add to a gift. Our raver-like packaging will fit in perfectly in their stores. We're hoping for a lasting business relationship with Spencers."

Sugar Cum is also available on the HiPleasures website and selected retailers in California and Europe. 

A HiPleasures spokesperson said, "If your local Spencer's doesn't carry Sugar Cum, ask them to get it in their store."

To find a nearby Spencer's store, visit this link.

HiPleasures, a representative said, "is an adult sexual wellness and health company that creates high quality, all natural products geared towards men, women and couples looking to make their sex lives more enjoyable and venture out within their sexual boundaries. Their goal is to become known as sex educators and create an open forum where consumers feel comfortable talking about their needs and desires no matter their gender, race or sexual preferences."

For more information on HiPleasures, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

For more information on Spencer's, visit their official website.