MiaMaxx Wins 'Most Innovative Product' Award at Adultex

MELBOURNE — Australian sex toy manufacturer MiaMaxx won the award for Most Innovative Product at the Adultex Awards, held in Queensland, Australia during the Adultex 2016 B2B trade show.

Adultex 2016 began on Apr. 27 and concluded on Apr. 29. And at Adultex's awards show, MiaMaxx were recognized for their thrusting three-inch dildo vibrator.

"MiaMaxx is to provide smarter and better intimate lifestyle products and elevate the standards of quality in our industry," a representative for the Melbourne-based company said. "MiaMaxx is a small team of highly committed individuals who have worked extremely hard for the last four years to ensure our first product and those that proceed MiaMaxx are of the absolute highest quality, with innovative design and intuitive operation."

MiaMaxx's dildos, the company said, are designed with the pleasure of both men and women in mind.

"An assortment of slide-on sleeves can be attached to the head of (our) MiaMaxx new age dildos," a representative said. "These dildos were also built to satisfy that itch for more during couple sex. These massage toys are sensuously smooth, ergonomically designed for men and women or even during couple sex."

More aggressive international marketing will be an important part of MiaMaxx's game plan this year, according to a spokesperson.

"MiaMaxx is to break into the international market and export MiaMaxx all over the world," a spokesperson said. "MiaMaxx is the first pleasure device to originate and launch from Australia. We are incredibly proud to be making this world-first move from the place we call home."

For more information on MiaMaxx, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.