'Triple X Tycoon' Pre-Alpha Released

NEW YORK — Joy-Toilet has announced that is "allowing limited early access" to a "pre-alpha" version of the game Triple X Tycoon, which the company described as "an adult business management (simulation) in which the player explores the world of adult entertainment industry from the inside from the '70s onward — from motels to studios and mansions, from the rise of VHS to VR."

At the moment, according to Joy-Toilet, "this version of the game is only available to our IndieGoGo backers and newsletter subscribers."

Christon "Doop" LeJohn, lead developer at Joy-Toilet, said, "You know, we've spent the past month talking to publishers in order to bring this game to our fans faster. We still haven't abandoned the idea because to me, that's irresponsible. We take risks like we approach opportunities. We're always willing to jump right in if it makes sense in the long run."

Joy-Toilet is the adult games and media division of Outhouz, a Long Island-based company. 

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