Sales to Benefit Red Light Legal

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink and White Productions and other Bay Area adult companies are joining forces to raise funds for Red Light Legal's sex worker-led legal services.

Pink and White Productions' will donate 50 percent of subscription sales through May 15 to support Red Light Legal's campaign, offering 15 percent off with the code REDLIGHTLEGAL.

More support has come from adult performer and artist Ingrid Mouth, who is offering  $10 from each purchase of her book "Overshare Party: the (very) graphic novel." And performer/producer Syd Blakovich is offering $50 off her hourly wrestling session rates at Barbary Coast Grapplers with a donation to Red Light Legal's fundraiser.

Performer and author Jiz Lee is offering a free signed copy of "Coming Out Like a Porn Star" for donations over $100, and Nenetl Avril is offering 10 percent off her sales.

Red Light Legal's campaign is currently at the half-way point, with two weeks left to reach its goal. $15,000 will fund three new programs: (1) free day-long legal clinics for 40 low-income sex workers with transportation stipends and free childcare, (2) community education through pocket-sized "know your rights" guides for street-based workers printed in English, Spanish, and Cantonese, and (3) legal representation for three sex workers with disabilities for SSI/SSDI appeals.

Red Light Legal recently hosted a free webinar, "Technology Safety and Security for Sex Workers," and is planning upcoming projects such as a self-advocacy Wiki and criminal record expungements. 

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