Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit Announces Smitten Kitten Scholarship

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Woodhull Freedom Foundation has announced a scholarship from sponsor Smitten Kitten for one person to attend the 2016 Sexual Freedom Summit, to be held Aug. 4-7 at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, Va. near Washington, D.C. The conference is focused on sexual freedom as a fundamental human right in the United States.

"We're grateful to Smitten Kitten for offering this fabulous scholarship opportunity to bring a new voice to the Summit," said Ricci Levy, president and CEO of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation. "It's thanks to sponsors like Smitten Kitten that sexual freedom advocates are able to attend the Summit when they may have otherwise not been able to and then, share what they have discussed and learned out into the world — all part of our goal to help create positive change."

Smitten Kitten will be awarding a scholarship totaling $728, which includes a $195 conference registration for one, a travel stipend of $200 and the cash equivalent of a three-night stay at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center at the conference rate of $333.00.

Based in Minneapolis, Smitten Kitten is a sex-positive, education-focused sex toy store.

"Sex positive doesn't just mean we're really enthusiastic about sex," said Jennifer Pritchett, owner of Smitten Kitten. "It means that we work to promote an inclusive, shame-free environment where it's okay to talk about all kinds of consensual sex. People's pleasure, consent and physical and mental health are what's most important when it comes to sexuality."

The Smitten Kitten scholarship will be provided to a person who is not otherwise eligible for conference expense reimbursement through their current employer, organizational affiliation or university, and for whom the cost to attend would be prohibitively high. Priority will be given to candidates with intersecting and marginalized identities, especially people of color.

Pritchett said, "We're also deeply committed to consumer advocacy in the sex toy industry. In 2005, we founded BadVibes.org, an organization dedicated to demystifying the adult sex toy industry and positively transforming socially irresponsible, environmentally and personally hazardous sex toy manufacturing and sex toy sales practices. Our most recent project involves research around personal lubricants, their ingredients and investigation of FDA regulations that limit the sale of body-safe lubes, while making potentially harmful lubes easily accessible."

The deadline for applications for the Smitten Kitten Scholarship is May 15. To apply, visit this link.

The scholarship award recipient will be notified the week of Jun. 1.

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