iWantClips Removes 'Racial Humiliation' Category, Donates to Black Lives Matter

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A representative for iWantClips.com said the amateur adult clips site is "taking a stand against racism" and has removed all clips that fall into the "racial humiliation" category. 

According to a spokesperson, iWantClips.com "will be taking the $3108.86 in sales earned from the 64 clips that were previously posted in the racial humiliation category and donating it to Black Lives Matter, an organization that provides freedom and justice and is working to rebuild the black liberation movement." 

Jay Phillips, vice president of iWantClips.com, said, "Racism is a growing issue in our country, and we at IWC will not tolerate it. We do not support racism; nor will we profit from it on our site. We're hoping that other clips sites like ourselves will follow our lead and eradicate it from their sites. There's nothing erotic about racism, and it shouldn't be something people are getting off on." 

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