Secrets Adult Store in Denver Up for Sale

DENVER — Secrets Adult Store, a 2500-square-foot adult retail outlet in Denver with 900 additional feet of office space, is up for sale. Tom K of Toronto Entertainment has owned the store since 1999.

The store is zoned for 100 percent adult merchandise and currently carries a full line of adult toys, movies and smoking accessories. Tom K said the current square footage being used for office space could be converted into additional retail space.

There is a long-term lease in place, and the lease is transferable to a new owner. Secrets also has an exclusive contract for two large billboards in front of the store.

Tom K said he has received inquiries from several individuals over the years, but only recently became interested in selling.

"I thought now might be a good time to put it out on the open market and entertain offers," Tom K said.

Tom K is willing to entertain offers from existing adult chains as well as individuals. He is looking for a buyer with liquid assets, and is not interested in financing any purchase.

Anyone interested in speaking with Tom K. about Secrets Adult Store can call him at (720) 748-6069 or e-mail him at

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