WebmasterMeetup.com Seeking Input For Future Events

HAMBURG — WebmasterMeetup.com have reported that their recent gathering in Hamburg, Germany "was a great success, and all participants enjoyed it." And now, WebmasterMeetup.com are seeking the opinions of webmasters in order to make future gatherings as convenient as possible.

"We want to bring WebmasterMeetup closer to the webmasters," a company representative said. "And of course, everywhere the motto will remain 'webmasters only.' So it will be an opportunity to meet with real webmasters exclusively."

WebmasterMeetup invites webmasters to visit this link and share their thoughts on possible future locations.

"This is where everyone can vote for their favorite location for the next WebmasterMeetup," the company said of the link. "We will announce future dates and locations in time."

For more information on WebmasterMeetup, visit their official website.